Your First Visit

At the first visit, we will evaluate the teeth and jaws to determine if orthodontic treatment would be beneficial. To assist us in this evaluation, we will take an X-ray of the patient’s jaw structure. After evaluation, we will outline treatment options including time and cost, discuss your concerns and answer any questions you have. Payment options will be reviewed and further appointments can be scheduled. This exam and X-ray are provided as a courtesy at no charge.

If treatment is needed, diagnostic records are necessary for complete analysis. They include models of the teeth, photographs of the face and teeth and the X-rays showing jaw structure and development. The doctors will evaluate these records to confirm the treatment recommendations.

If you are ready for treatment, diagnostic records can often be done on the same day as the exam. This will save you an appointment and allow treatment to get started sooner.

Treatment consists of several steps, which are outlined below.

  1. Initial orthodontic examination
  2. Diagnostic records for evaluation
  3. Place appliances for orthodontic treatment
  4. Adjust appliances and monitor treatment progress
  5. Remove appliances when treatment is complete
  6. Retention of the teeth with retainers

The length of appointments and the time interval between appointments varies depending upon where you are in treatment and your specific treatment plan. Intervals may range from two weeks to twelve weeks. More time and greater frequency of appointments is usually needed at the start and finish of treatment. Missed appointments and poor cooperation may cause treatment to take longer or prevent the best results from being achieved.

Patient Responsibilities

Orthodontic treatment requires patient responsibility. A good result is not possible without patient effort. Good effort equals good results. We encourage responsibility and cooperation from our patients.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Keeping the teeth and braces clean
  • Following directions with appliances and rubber bands
  • Avoiding foods or items that can damage appliances
  • Keeping appointments and being on time
  • Seeing your dentist regularly

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